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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Jul 13 02:51:34 EDT 2001

Hey Pipers.

Jarl, I'm sorry about not getting back to you sooner.  I attended that
conference earlier this week and presented Piper.  The talk went well.  I
spoke about Piper for about 30 minutes and took some questions.  Some people
seemed very interested in it.

Have you seen all the hub-bub about .NET alternatives this week?  I'm feeling
a bit disturbed at the attention these projects (3 of them now) are getting,
and that the FSF has endorsed 2 of them.  I had been shouting "Piper is an
Open Source .NET alternative!" earlier last year, and we got nearly no
attention from it (of course then I had to stop saying that).  Also, I wanted
to get official GNU project standing from the FSF, and now it seems we may
have missed that opportunity, at least with respect to Piper being a .NET

One word: argh!
Maybe 2 words: hold me. ;-)

Anyway, maybe now we should just forget about the direct .NET comparisons
(it's just too late for that) and focus on whatever cool things we want Piper
to be.

Jarl, I'll get back to you about the compiling problems.  I have some meetings
today, but I'll get to it right away.

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