[Pipet Devel] Piper design issue

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 22 17:46:48 EST 2001

> We were also planning on a channel for "process status", right?  For example,
> the user would need to know (1) if the process started or not, (2) if it is
> still running correctly, (3) how long it has been running, (4) if it
> encountered an error, and (5) if it finished without an error.  Could you tell
> me if your idea for a virtual terminal is the same or not?

Oh yes, it's another member of the family. I picture before me an set of
functions that allow the 'other' layers to offer information to the
other. A Piper-wide feedback system. In fact it's very simple, just
should be able to:

- open new incoming connection any time from a lower layer (in respect
to the sequence UI->Dl->BL->PL)
- accept feedback data 'chunks' over open connections
- keep alive
- close connection

and the data chunks are sto constain all the needed data. We just add
new "action id's" we we need some.

struct feeback {
   long ID; /* piper wide unique sequence id */
   long source;
   long destination;
   int action /* what is this data about? */
   gchar* rawdata; /* data, depending on the action */

We can have action id 274 be 'open virtual tty', or action 12 "report


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