[Pipet Devel] Piper design issue

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Mar 22 16:38:25 EST 2001

Jarl van Katwijk wrote:
> The UI and DL need to be enhanced to accept messages from the BL\PL
> backend, rather that just commit an execution network and exspect only
> the end results. Maybe we could extend the bl->dl->ui communication, the
> code that routes the results after a network has executed.

We were also planning on a channel for "process status", right?  For example,
the user would need to know (1) if the process started or not, (2) if it is
still running correctly, (3) how long it has been running, (4) if it
encountered an error, and (5) if it finished without an error.  Could you tell
me if your idea for a virtual terminal is the same or not?

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