[Pipet Devel] Piper progress

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu May 3 15:21:42 EDT 2001

Jarl van Katwijk wrote:
> I send an email to Mark of the other Piper project

Erik :-)

> hope to get this
> over with soon. I also released a new version of my personal tool Drip
> (http://drip.sourceforge.net), which is nearing a status where I will
> let it be for what it is. Drip is almost useable out-the-box for
> everyone, and it has all the features I need.

It looks very nice.  I didn't know that you were into video encoding.

> I have been thinking about what my work will be after I've done this BL
> work. I'll continue to work on it, but it wont be 100% Piper oriented:
> I'll focus on the features I started GMS once.

Are you planning on creating a separate code base -- going back to "GMS"?

> This will result into
> about 50% work that will benefit the Piper goals, simply because mine
> and Piper's have so much in common. Issues that will not be within the
> Piper scope are not yet defined as such, and maybe will turn out to
> enrich Piper after all ;)

As long as you stick around, I'll be happy :-)

I hope we can get some more developers interested soon.  It can be hard
though, when there are thousands of Open Source projects already out there. 
People are more interested in starting projects than joining them, or even
finishing them.  But, we'll see.  Piper is interesting enough to garner a
lot of attention.  I think it is far more interesting than GNOME or KDE, and
I wish other people could see that it is.  This is why we need to make some
announcements soon.


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