[Pipet Users] Re: Pipers

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Tue Apr 17 18:36:06 EDT 2001

Hi Erik.

Erik Meusel wrote:
> Well. When I wrote my "piper" I looked around using various search engines
> to figure out, if something like "piper" would exist anywhere. I didn't
> find anything.

We're listed in the Linux Software Encyclopedia:


Also on Linux Weekly News:


Gnome Gnotices:


O'Reilly P2P website:


SunWorld Online:


And some other online magazines/forums:


Unfortunately, we didn't want to post on Freshmeat and SourceForge until the
system was working.  Freshmeat, in particular, attracts users who want
functional software.

Having done searches you may have come across the "Piper" that someone else
registered at SourceForge:


We tried contacting him as well but got no response.

> I saw what you did and it is your right to mention that you named your
> software "piper" somewhat earlier. And I would say ok, I will change the
> name of my tool, of course. But there are a lot of people who found my
> "piper" using freshmeat and they know the name now.

We're not trying to twist your arm about this.  Some of the developers on
our team think that this is not a big issue.  But, it would be better to not
have this confusion in the first place.

> If you think it's ok, I would like to make a suggestion. Why not have
> benefits out of this funny situation? I would make a link to your "piper"
> on my homepage with a comment like this: "there is also a professional
> workflow-system available with the name 'piper' you can find it <here>" or
> similar. And you put a "there is also a small command line tool available
> named 'piper' and you can find it <here>".

We're not in a big rush, so we can do that for now.  In the long run,
though, wouldn't it be better to not have the exact same names?  And, our
"Piper" has already been through several name changes, including those made
to sub-projects because some company objected.

May I make some suggestions?  Based on your project's description, I think
that the following names would work:

  Pipe Meter
  Pipe Gauge
  Flow Meter

But, if you choose to keep the name, there is nothing that we can do.  We
just thought it would be nice of you.


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