[Pipet Users] FreeSpeech Test results

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Thu Feb 1 11:56:05 EST 2001

> My mail server blocked for a couple days, so I got all the messages in batch, in
> the wrong order... Are you still having problems with Overflow or is everything

I didn't work on the new snapshot any more. So the failure
logging is still "state of the art".

> fine now? BTW, did I say you should track and remove any Overflow library that
> was previously installed elsewhere (like /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib)? If there's

Is that already a problem at compile time ? I thought it is only
a problem at runtime.

> P.S. Another thing you need to make sure of: The Overflow ABI changes
> frequently, so make sure that the Piper version you have is linked to the exact
> same version of Overflow that's installed. Otherwise, it's almost guarantied not
> to work.

Is a cvs snapshot of the same day OK ?

BTW: when not mailing me on the list you may also use french
( but no quebecois please ) as I'm in good command of the

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