[Pipet Users] Update

jarl van katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 6 14:24:08 EST 2001

Hi Pipers,

I'm working on the OOP version of the phoenix BL, and this is consuming all the
time my doctor allows me to spend on Piper. It looks very promising, and parallel
to the oop-ing I'm implementing the security system, from bottom up. Very
simplistic this will look like this:

node (nodes, containers for plugins)
legacy (OS specific stuff.. I still have hopes one day this will wrap all that a
'lsof' lists)
recourse (scheduling, allocation, relocation, etc. of nodes)
  \ /
area   (security stuff)
  \ /
engine   (runtime logic)
  \ /
plugins   (like the DL and PL)

Something else the BL needs, in my view, is a standard to communicate with other
systems. For sure with neighboring instances of Piper, but also with other
systems. KQML seems to be the ideal candidate: it's designed for
intercommunication between agents, to share knowledge. (Knowledge Query and
Manipulation Language)

A nasty side effect the work on the BL core is that the efforts on implementing
kqml is stalled for some time. On the development list we already had a
discussion about Kapi, which is a kqml library in C. So we've 2 problems: it aint
OOP and the code is licensed by something that prohibits us to merge it into
Piper. The only solution left is to use Kapi as an example and to build our own
kqml implementation. And yes, there doesn't seem to be an other kqml library
around we even can get source code of.

So you can wait for me to do all the work, but I think the growing crowd of
people interested in Piper want to have something workable a bit sooner ;)
Have any comments on kqml? Is there something else\better? Do you want to take up
the coding of a library for piper?

thnx 4 reading,

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