[Pipet Users] Update

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 8 16:14:35 EST 2001

> Way back when Brad joined the Loci project, we designed and built our own
> XML-based RPC, which used standard UNIX sockets.  It too proved to be
> "depressingly slow", so we switched to CORBA.  CORBA was so much faster that
> we trashed all of our previous work and stuck with CORBA wherever applicable.

;)  Corba is fine with me ofcourse, but I'm not sure whether it is good
over internet connections. Will need stuff like SECIOP to become usable.
Had a quick look just now, couldn't find any library that is GPL'd. It
can turn out a gnet based interface is better here. (glib = lib in the
glib/gdk/gtk library family, special for network connections)


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