[Pipet Users] Khoros and Cantata

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 11 07:07:41 EST 2001

> Here some crazy idea from the area of mathematics: coupling some
> symbolic mathematics package with the piper UI engine it should
> be possible to draw up mathematical relationships as block
> diagrams and then automatically manipulate them to one's heart
> content using the underlying symbolic mathematics package. For
> lack of a better term, let's call that formula compilation. The
> graphical entry is a high level representation of the
> mathematical relationship, the actual formula something like
> assembly code which is automatically generated, processed and
> optimized to provide what is desired. Woudn't that relieve us
> from the drudgery of low level formula handling and lift
> mathematics to a new level of abstraction ? Just food for
> thought......

As I understand you, you're saying Piper embodies model I call
fenotipical representation. It's a general model named by the the
biological dna working: charactirstics are 'stored' in the GUI (like
genes), and fenotipic features are 'born' in the backend. This can be
called abstraction, although it actually is the other way around: the
abstractions come first, from which the 'real thing' is gerenated.

This model seems to be a requierement for an autocatalistic system,
which I hope the Piper backend to become.

> On the long run this is evolution at work: among many contenders
> those with the most mileage and the best abilities to join up
> with others for the common advantage just make the race and
> leave the others in the dust on the long run. Simply biology at
> work....

I had to add 'Maybe somebody get's my point' to my previous post. It
seems at least one does ;)


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