[Pipet Users] Khoros and Cantata

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Sun Feb 11 09:16:19 EST 2001

> > Here some crazy idea from the area of mathematics: coupling some
> > symbolic mathematics package with the piper UI engine it should
> > be possible to draw up mathematical relationships as block
> > diagrams and then automatically manipulate them to one's heart
> > content using the underlying symbolic mathematics package. For
> > lack of a better term, let's call that formula compilation. The
> > graphical entry is a high level representation of the
> > mathematical relationship, the actual formula something like
> > assembly code which is automatically generated, processed and
> > optimized to provide what is desired. Woudn't that relieve us
> > from the drudgery of low level formula handling and lift
> > mathematics to a new level of abstraction ? Just food for
> > thought......
> As I understand you, you're saying Piper embodies model I call
> fenotipical representation. It's a general model named by the the

Good term. Like it :-)))).

> biological dna working: charactirstics are 'stored' in the GUI (like
> genes), and fenotipic features are 'born' in the backend. This can be

Exactly. Actually, this has been that way since the inception of
the compiler sometime in 1945 ( Konrad Zuse's "Plankalkuel" ).

> called abstraction, although it actually is the other way around: the
> abstractions come first, from which the 'real thing' is gerenated.

Yes, exactly: in my previous example the highly abstract
representation is what you enter into the GUI and the backend
generates formulas from it and also manipulates them.

> This model seems to be a requierement for an autocatalistic system,
> which I hope the Piper backend to become.

Enter Narval. The present layering model of piper looks like

           UIL -----> DL -----> BL -----> PL

Adding Narval we can do this:

          UIL -----> DL -----> AIL -----> BL -----> PL

AIL: Artificial Intelligence Layer

The AIL in fact accepts an even higher abstraction
representation of what the user wants to do and converts it into
a representation that the PL in the end can use.

In the extreme the UIL and the DL may be left away altogether
and the AIL automatically generates systems to be built up,
collects the results and acts accordingly.

Actually, using the UIL and the DL we can do three things:

1. Design very high level representations of distributed

2. We can control the actions of the AIL.

3. We can add new capabilities to the AIL.

Of course, the AIL may also be in contact with remote instances
of other AIL's all over the network ( using the BL as a
communications controller ).

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