[Pipet Users] Is Narval the AIL Piper may need ?

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon Feb 12 22:08:59 EST 2001

Karl-Max Wagner wrote:
> > Then, contact me (jeff at bioinformatics.org) and tell me that you are ready to
> > be added to the project.  When I add you, the system (admins actually) gives
> > you a shell account.  You'll then have CVS access.
> OK, then please add me.

You are hereby added.  You now have a shell account with CVS access.  Visit
this page for some CVS instructions:


The website module is "piper-website".

> > Oh yes, I agree with that!  Piper has spent years in the "concept phase", and
> ??? AFAIK Piper is at most 1 year old....

"Piper" is almost 1 year old.  The programs the merged to form Piper are
older.  Loci started in the fall of 1998.

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