[Pipet Users] DL to PL connection structure of the BL

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Fri Jan 12 19:31:50 EST 2001

Hi Piper People,

As promised I made an overview of the structure of the BL nodes that connect the
DL to the PL. This configuration is realised during boot-up of the BL, and will
always be there. Making it configurable or optional can be done, but seems to of
no interest to Piper ;)

Note that all the parts between the DL and PL on the drawing are
one-and-the-same process, the BL. The sensors, visuals and collectors are
dynamic loadable modules, that's why I did draw them seperate from the pipeline.

Also take notice of the way the communication between the DL and PL is setup.
Communications back and forth go through the pipeline, so they are authorized,
scheduled, etc. Also is it in the nature that the DL and PL do not need to be
one the same machine. Neither do the possible other instances.

When there're no complains, no mistakes or unclear stuff, can you put this on
the piper site Jeff? Thnx ;)

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