[Pipet Users] Piper & Overflow problem

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Tue Jan 23 07:36:54 EST 2001

> > tested in real life. Not that unlike what FreeSpeech does. The
> > idea of piper suits my needs very well because a data flow
> > oriented GUI frontend is pretty much what is needed for my
> > application.
> Cool.  Then, perhaps you *MIGHT* be interested in helping with the development

Well, as I am also considering to make a backend ( "backend in
the lingo of my project means the stuff for making the software
for the target architecture ) for PC's with a soundcard, it
makes sense to add a directory to Overflow with my radio

> of Overflow/Piper.  Of course, I'm sure you'd like to see it working first
> ;-)  If you are interested, contact me directly about getting an account, CVS
> access, etc. on our server.

Thanks a lot. For the moment, however, I am busy with my
frontend stuff, so there is no immediate need. However, I'll
study the internal interfaces of Overflow/Piper because it makes
a lot of sense to me to make my stuff compatible to it.

If you wish I can send you the OHP's of two presentations I did
in Japan about it ( I have to mention here that this is a
cooperation project with Prof. Ikuo Oka of the Department of
Computer Networking of Osaka City University in Japan ).

It goes somewhat beyond the scope of this mailing list to
discuss a different project in detail.

> In any case, it sounds like you and Jean-Marc have a lot to talk about. 

Yes, that's for sure.

> Personally, I'm from the "Loci" end of Piper, and my interests lie in
> distributed data processing for scientific research.  But, I think our

Actually, I found the "Loci" idea fascinating. It meant that I
could run simulations distributed over a network. That was a
wholly new aspect of things.

> mixed-bag of backgrounds will be an asset in the long run.

This was another thing I liked: I thought when such diverse
projects merge they sure thought a lot about interfaces,
modularity and reusability of components of the entire project
and so it could allow me to plug functionality into my stuff.

Funny enough - the ingredient projects of piper apparently
started sometime in spring 2000 - it was about the same time
when I got serious about my stuff.

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