[Pipet Users] FreeSpeech Test results

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Fri Jan 26 15:19:02 EST 2001

> 1) It is strongly suggested *not* to install with /usr or /usr/local as the
> $prefix. From version to version, things change and you end up with old junk
> that causes conflicts. Instead, install with a prefix set to an overflow-only
> directlry.

OK. I changed the ac_default_prefix in configure to
/usr/local/FreeSpeech. Unfortunately, some libraries were
installed under /usr/local/lib. OK, not much of a problem.

> 2) There's a VFLOW_PATH environment variable which you have to set. It's a
> colon-separated path that must include the $prefix/lib directory, as well as all
> the $prefix/toolbox/... directories. Also, remember to put your $prefix/lib
> directory in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. All that's a bit ugly and making it cleaner
> is on the TODO list.

OK. I did this. Actually, I made a script setting all that to
the right values and wow ! now when I press the right mouse key
I get a lot of menues and can select all sorts of stuff and make
diagrams and the like. Very nice. I didn't whether everything
works now, but at least it looks a lot better.

> I hope this helps... otherwise, try starting vflow and tell me what the errors
> are. If there's anything else, feel free to contact me.

Well, FreeSpeech definitely works now. 

Funny enough, piper works now, too. I haven't the foggiest idea
why. At least I can invoke funny symbols with lines to a pair of
red disks with a black rim.

Sorry if I sound stupid: but some instructions in how to use
this toy would be welcome ;-).

If I press the middle mouse key, two little Martians ( or
whatever they are ) and when I release it they sink into
oblivion. Inside all the symbol boxes there are two little
martians as well. Somehow I fail figuring it out :-(.

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