[Pipet Users] Piper startup logging...

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Fri Jan 26 17:47:16 EST 2001

> Believe it or not, there are all expected -- at least, I get most of them
> :-). Piper is still under heavy development, so some of this is
> debugging output and some of this is errors that haven't been fixed

Aha. Good. Sort of suspected that. However, wasn't quite sure
and thought it might be better to report that in case I bumped
into something.

> I think you're doing really well. Happy to hear you are trying it out!

Piper is getting more punishment in the future for sure as I
intend to use it in my own project.

And here already the big question: FreeSpeech / Overflow has a
GUI and Piper has one. I guess that the FreeSpeech / Overflow
GUI is gonna be scrapped sometime in the future, right ? So it
would be a bad idea to look into the interfaces to the
components, I guess - I'd better stick to piper. Is there
already something like an interface description to hook my stuff
in ?

My intention is to use the application interface ( or whatever
it is called ) in order to be piper compatible. Is that already
sort of fixed or - due to development - sort of a moving target

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