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Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Sun Jan 28 20:25:03 EST 2001

> It wouldn't be a bad idea to look into Overflow's component UI's, because
> Pied/Piper actually uses the same UI libraries and generates the same (almost)
> XML network descriptions.

OK. If you could dump some hints into the Wiki it wouldn't harm.

> As for hooking a program to Piper, it would be done through Overflow, the PL
> (although it can be done through GMS, the BL, but we're going to try and use
> Overflow as the interface).
> Overflow can do command-line generation and connect us to proggies that way. 

Where is that stuff defined ?

> You can also make C++ components to be used directly in Overflow.  Jean-Marc,
> do you have any instructions for Karl-Max on how to do this?

I intend to use octave ( mathematical language ) for my frontend
and build the backend stuff using perl or python programs 
(which of the two is still tbd ).
>     [UIL --> DL] --> [BL --> PL]
>      Build-Time        Run-Time
> > My intention is to use the application interface ( or whatever
> > it is called ) in order to be piper compatible. Is that already
> > sort of fixed or - due to development - sort of a moving target
> > ?
> It should be open for changes still, since we WANT to interface Piper with
> other programs.  That's sort of the whole purpose to Piper ;-)  It probably is
> more a moving target than anything, but collaborations with other projects
> will help us to nail it down a bit better.

Well, I am totally open in that. At the moment I can specify the
interface the way I want. So taking over the piper interface
isn't such a bad idea to begin with.

> What I would personally prefer is a way to interface programs with Piper using
> Pied/Piper alone.  IOW, use "connect the dots" to build your interface, rather
> than program and compile.  The best way to do this, though, would be to have a
> collection of very small components for the API.

This is more or less what I intend: I would like to get a
definition of what is connected with what to generate an octave
program with it and later on to generate actual DSP code for the
softradio box.

If I click on the building block symbols I get some locus etc.
pull down menu. Is it also planned that I can click on the
symbol and then can get a ( configurable ) menu for getting data
of that object resp. getting a ( defineable ) form for entering
properties ? This is very welcome in lots of operations, e.g.
FFT to define which length the vectors to be used have (at least
I need it for reasons of generating the final DSP code -
contrary to Overflow I always have to work cross-platform and
for the final code speed is everything. Even the fastest DSP's
are always too slow in radio).
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