[Pipet Users] Piper startup logging...

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Jan 28 22:31:35 EST 2001

Karl-Max Wagner wrote:
[stuff that Jean-Marc can answer best]
> > It should be open for changes still, since we WANT to interface Piper with
> > other programs.  That's sort of the whole purpose to Piper ;-)  It probably is
> > more a moving target than anything, but collaborations with other projects
> > will help us to nail it down a bit better.
> Well, I am totally open in that. At the moment I can specify the
> interface the way I want. So taking over the piper interface
> isn't such a bad idea to begin with.

What do you mean by "taking over the piper interface"?  "Interface" has a
number of meanings to us.

[stuff for Jean-Marc again]

> If I click on the building block symbols I get some locus etc.
> pull down menu. Is it also planned that I can click on the
> symbol and then can get a ( configurable ) menu for getting data
> of that object resp. getting a ( defineable ) form for entering
> properties ?

Have you tried double-clicking over a node (blue box)?  That drops down a
"windowlet" (small window) which contains widgets for changeable parameters. 
These widgets/parameters can be pre-specified in XML.

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