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There's several free, open-source projects that track Microsoft "standards"
I can think of:
Samba tracks SMB (file, print, auth)
GB tracks Visual Basic for Gnumeric (excel clone)
FreeTDS tracks SQL Server/Sybase protocol 
Jabber (among others) tracks MSN Messenger

Since .NET is ostensibly open, even if Microsoft controls it, and free
software is capable of both reverse-engineering and tracking closed
Microsoft standards, I think it's quite possible, especially if big money
funds it.

Whether it is a good strategy to do so is another question, but I don't
fault de Icaza for liking the idea of sharing reusable components. Both MS
and Gnome/KDE camps are concerned with incremental change rather than
revolutionary, and reusable component sharing is a practical idea.

As for revolutionary change in software, that will come from elsewhere.
Exokernels, data visualization (like Piper, ZigZag, or Arrows) and such.
Any cool software revolutions brewing you find interesting?
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Here's a very telling quote:

    Last week, de Icaza said he's researched .Net extensively,
    likes it and believes having a version of .Net for Linux
    would be "good for Linux and Microsoft." 

I heard Miguel talk in Boston last year, and he unabashedly says that he
and copies Microsoft programs for Gnome.  Personally, I think that both
and KDE are much too much like Windows AND EACH OTHER.

Here's a good question: Is it possible to create an "open-source
clone" of a Windows-centric system/standard dictated by "embrace,
extinguish" Microsoft?

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