[Pipet Users] the make problem is a bit better

Bryant Lau blau5 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 16:06:31 EDT 2001

I finally got it all compiled!  But now, after the make install, when I run 
it, I get this weird message:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "runpiper.py", line 14, in ?
    from piperconfig import *
ImportError: No module named piperconfig

When I add the directory of the "piperconfig.py" to the PYTHONPATH 
environment variable, then it gets past that stage, but I get another error 

rm: cannot remove `/root/piper_info/ior/*': No such file or directory
Starting processing layer...
Starting brokering layer...
Starting definition layer...
Starting pied...
sh: PL: command not found
Loading plugin /usr/local/lib/libplugin_sensor_irc.so... Message: 
Initialising IRC sensor, make sure the default config (gms sourcecode 
./plugins/plugin_sensor_irc.h) is reachable
using DEFAULTS for irc_config
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "./startdl.py", line 9, in ?
    from modules.dlmain import DlMain
ImportError: No module named modules.dlmain
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "startpied.py", line 16, in ?
    import modules.piper.UIL2DL
ImportError: No module named modules.piper.UIL2DL

Am I doing anything wrong here?


>From: Jean-Marc Valin <jmvalin at locusdialogue.com>
>To: Bryant Lau <blau5 at hotmail.com>
>CC: jmvalin at locusdialog.com
>Subject: Re: [Pipet Users] the make problem is a bit better
>Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 16:35:12 -0400
> > I tried changing the path.h file, but I still get the same error.  
> > the error message again, just in case I'm missing anything.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Bryant
> >
> > P.S. here's the results of the "nm /opt/overflow/lib/libflow.so | grep
> > scanDL":
> >
> > [root at devlab12 src]# nm /opt/overflow/lib/libflow.so | grep scanDL
> > 00128a68 T scanDL__Fb
>Maybe you forgot to recompile Overflow with this modification? The nm
>command should give you something like:
>0012d928 T scanDL
>(the __Fb suffix is added by the C++ compiler because of function
>Note that the previous patch I sent is not totally correct. The lines I
>added should be in a #ifdef __cplusplus:
>#ifdef __cplusplus
>extern "C" {
>vector envList(char *envName);
>void scanDL(bool debug=false);
>#ifdef __cplusplus
>There's still another reason why it may not work. If that's the case,
>remove the "=false" in the scanDL prototype and add the argument
>explicitly in the Piper code. Hope it works this time. It's been a while
>since the last time I had feedback on a recent version of Overflow in
>Piper. Sorry for the inconvenience!
>	Jean-Marc

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