[Pipet Users] Overflow (PL) updates

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 5 07:45:46 EST 2001

> Oh, and I forgot the last thing item in the changelog: There is now 3D Now!
> support in Overflow (for basic vector primitives), all you need to do is add
> -D_USE_3DNOW to your CXXFLAGS. I might also add SSE support eventually.
Sweet, AMD's first ;)

> > I got these new though, any thoughs JM?
> > -----
> > error: net LP already existed
> > error: net HP already existed
> > error: net LPC_DECOMP already existed
> I see two (more likely) causes:
> 1) Conflict with a previously installed version of Overflow
> 2) You don't need to include $(prefix)/lib and $(prefix)/toolbox/... in your
> VFLOW_PATH environment variable, as of the last updates. In fact, if you didn't
> add any new (.n) node, you don't even need to set VFLOW_PATH.

Did you tried latest Piper cvs code JM? Did you got the same 'errors' ?


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