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Nicolas Chauvat Nicolas.Chauvat at logilab.fr
Mon Mar 12 12:08:41 EST 2001

> >   Local: CORBA
> >     (UIL <--> DL <--> BL <--> PL)
> > 
> >   Remote: SOAP or Fipa
> >     (BL <--> BL or DL <--> DL)
> If CORBA becomes only for local use, then why not use something like
> SysV IPC (shm, messages, ...) which is much faster. 

I'd vote for the former with the following modification:

Local LAN = CORBA / Internet = SOAP

CORBA's natural distribution is a plus. You can have several CORBA servers
on the same host or on "close" hosts and it still works fine. That's
harder to achieve with SysV IPC mechanisms.

OTOH, SOAP is a HTTP-based protocol, that is easier to control and secure
with common tools (ssl, etc.) and to let thru firewalls etc. Typically
what you need over the internet.

Nicolas Chauvat

http://www.logilab.com - "Mais où est donc Ornicar ?" - LOGILAB, Paris (France)

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