[Pipet Users] Overflow 0.4 released

Jean-Marc Valin valj01 at gel.usherb.ca
Wed Mar 21 15:27:47 EST 2001


We're pleased to announce version 0.4.0 of Overflow (aka the Open Mind Speech
environment, aka Piper PL). This new release brings a number of major
improvements over version 0.3.0. Some of the changes are:

* The VFLOW_PATH environment variable is no longer required (it's determined
from the --prefix configure option) if you don't add your own nodes.

* The FFTW library is no longer required to build Overflow. If you don't have
it, the build will continue without FFT support.

* It's now possible to have Feedback loops in a flow. This is done by using the
"Feedback" node and a demo is available in the examples directory.

* Overflow also supports throwing and catching exceptions within the
  flow using the "Throw" and "Catch" node. This is still undocumented.

* Support for AMD 3D Now! instructions in vector primitives (use -D_USE_3DNOW)

* Rewrite of the Neural network toolbox to make it faster

* More stuff in the "examples" directory.

* Updated html documentation

* Better layout the links on the GUI (links can be broken lines)

* As usual, a whole bunch of new node

Overflow is a visual development environment, using a GNOME UI, that allows easy
development of applications using toolboxes. Current toolboxes include signal
processing, image processing, neural networks, vector quantization and more...

Download, compile, enjoy, report bugs!

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