[Pipet Users] Overflow 0.4 released

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 21 18:40:25 EST 2001

> * Overflow also supports throwing and catching exceptions within the
>   flow using the "Throw" and "Catch" node. This is still undocumented.
What are the possibilities if these nodes, are they capable of reporting
to other layers in piper?

> * Support for AMD 3D Now! instructions in vector primitives (use -D_USE_3DNOW)
How did you enable this, just a gcc flag or asm mmx code?

> * Rewrite of the Neural network toolbox to make it faster
Can I be tolded what the toolbox is ... or do I have to see it for

> * Updated html documentation

Let me guess: no api changes since the cvs version you annouced? (the
one where the naming of the libraries was done)


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