[Pipet Users] compiling with gcc 2.96

Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at locusdialogue.com
Thu Mar 22 17:56:54 EST 2001

> We've tried compiling Piper and Overflow with GCC 2.96, the most recent GNU
> compiler.  Unfortunately, we've encountered a number of problems that cannot
> be fixed at the moment.  GCC 2.96 is an "experimental" compiler that (1) has
> some bugs and (2) is not fully ANSI C++ compatible.  It is also the standard
> compiler for some Linux distributions.  When it reaches 3.0, we believe that
> we will be able to once again compile with it, but, in the meantime, GCC 2.95
> should continue to work.
> If anyone has successfully compiled Piper/Overflow with another compiler,
> please let us know.

Note: gcc 2.96 *almost* works, that is, it compiles and it only breaks
one feature (AFAIK). I think egcs 1.1.2 does work too, although I don't
have a machine to test. The last time I tried, gcc 3.0 only breaks the
GUI (vflow) and it's my fault. Since Piper doesn't use vflow, it might
be OK with 3.0. So, if you try and there's a compilation problem, let me
know (BTW, always use -O2 or -O3).


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