[Pipet Users] Natural Programming and Integration

nile at nest.dloo.com nile at nest.dloo.com
Sun Mar 25 21:44:35 EST 2001

Hi Jeff,

Not at all! We think Piper is cool! We don't want to part ways. Back in
October, we just really needed to focus on coding BlueBox itself
and realized that adding people (Mythical ManMonth style) would slow down
the project. It was a hard decision, but we really needed to focus on the

Please feel free to use BlueBox when it is released. It uses the word
model -as opposed to the object model - which I think you'll find very
useful for Piper. We're going to be releasing the C++ source - which can
only create non-scripted interfaces) tommorow and putting the Python
version in CVS. A *useful* developer version should be available at
the end of April. It is being released under the BSD.

Anyway, we were planning on emailing you tommorow when we released the
source and thanking you for your patience as we got this together. Best of
luck on Piper: I think you guys are working on something great.


P.S. I will be working hard on the source code the next week and
responding to people, so there may be a small delay in replies. 

 On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, J.W. Bizzaro wrote:

> It looks like our friends at dLoo are still alive and well:
>   http://bluebox.sourceforge.net/technology/index.html
> We were at one point considering using the BlueBox API for creating GUI's. 
> It's something like GLADE XML.  Unfortunately, they wanted to part ways for
> now.
> Jeff
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