[Pipet Users] Natural Programming and Integration

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon Mar 26 01:09:20 EST 2001

Hi Nile!

nile at nest.dloo.com wrote:
> Not at all! We think Piper is cool! We don't want to part ways. Back in
> October, we just really needed to focus on coding BlueBox itself
> and realized that adding people (Mythical ManMonth style) would slow down
> the project. It was a hard decision, but we really needed to focus on the
> project.

Sehr gut!  I was under the impression that you thought the Piper model might
not be compatible with BlueBox's, not currently and possibly not ever.

> Please feel free to use BlueBox when it is released.

Documentation on your API (how GUI's are described and generated) would be
most helpful.  You didn't have it ready last fall.  Nodes in Piper can
describe GUI's (as meta XML), and, as you know, the act of combining nodes
builds GUI's.  Thus, in effect, Pied/Piper can function as a BlueBox SDK.

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