[Pipet Users] A (possibly ! ) useful resource - Blue Orca

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed May 23 04:33:54 EDT 2001

> Andy Elvey wrote:
> http://pyrite.cfas.washington.edu/orca/

Thanks, Andy!  I haven't seen that one before.  It does seem to be along the
line of OpenDX, Vector NTI, Khoros, etc., in that it is used for data
visualization.  I even see some biology apps in the examples.

I've been wanting to target Piper, at least initially, at command-line
programs, providing a "better UNIX GUI" by allowing the UNIX paradigm (do
complex things by connecting small, simple tools) and programs to work in a
completely graphical environment.  And of course across a network.  This is
*MY* ambition anyway (it may not be Jarl's or Jean-Marc's), and this type of
application does seem to be less common than more traditional data vis/flow
and visual programming applications, using specialized nodes.

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