[Pipet Users] A (possibly ! ) useful resource - Blue Orca

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Wed May 23 13:00:14 EDT 2001

>>>>> "JWB" == J W Bizzaro <J.W.> writes:

    >> Andy Elvey wrote:
    >> http://pyrite.cfas.washington.edu/orca/

    JWB> Thanks, Andy!  I haven't seen that one before.  It does seem
    JWB> to be along the line of OpenDX, Vector NTI, Khoros, etc., in
    JWB> that it is used for data visualization.  I even see some
    JWB> biology apps in the examples.

And we've been following Piper.  

Orca's strength is in the pipeline interface, and the weakness is in
its Java implementation (well, if you like Java, it's not, but...).

The pipeline seems to do fine for moderate sized data, but we are
talking high-throughput technologies, so visual summaries are

There is a graphical interface (based on the argoUML code) for
graphically constructing the visualization.

It's semi-stalled right now, but I'll be working more on it (and
integration with R, www.r-project.org, a statistics package), in the
next few months, as I FINALLY get a chance to code again...

(at least that's the plan.  This is the Nth time I've thought so, and
N-1 prior times I was wrong).


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