[Pipet Users] semantics, security, ...

Luca.Toldo at merck.de Luca.Toldo at merck.de
Mon Jun 3 07:35:04 EDT 2002

dear pipers,
compliments for your activities. I certainly think that the way you are
approaching the complex task of scalable biocomputing
is novel, however I do not understand few things:

- network-wide communication: CORBA ?
I have the impression that CORBA has been chosen as architecture to connect
components across different machines.
Unfortunately, this is not much "firewall friendly", right ? Any comments
about the use of Piper across secure environments ?

- semantics ?
I miss the point about how to define the semantics of the various
processing elements across and within networks.
Any plan to use DAML-S ?

I am preparing a talk that I will give at NETTAB02, and have to rush
finishing up the paper by friday. If you could drop me a line
or two about the above topics, I will be happy to mention PIPER at that

Compliments anyhow
and regards

p.s. the comments here shall be interpreted in constructive way, please. No
flame, only wish to understand.

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