[Proteopedia] New Feature: export page for offline viewing

Angel Herráez angel.herraez at uah.es
Tue Jan 20 16:17:00 EST 2009

On 20 Jan 2009 at 20:27, lsprilus at weizmann.ac.il wrote:
> On another: thanks for the suggestion of using only the signed applet
> to reduce zip file size. The idea is that people will use this
> material both on their personal computers for local access and to 
> locate it on a web server for public access. Since in that case, the unsigned
> applet is enough, you don't need to request from users to authorize
> the use of a signed applet that has unknown certificate.

Does that mean that the exported page code is prepared to use the unsigned applet? 
Automatically? Automatically when it's on a server?
If not so, then If the user wants to set a copy on his/her own server, and needs to know how 
to change the code to use the unsigned applet, then (s)he will certainly have not much 
trouble in replacing the signed files with be unsigned ones. 
I think that a handful of PP downloads at 9 MB each is a burden, when they could be 1.2 
That's just my opinion, of course.
And in any case you can omit Jmol.jar, JmolApplet.jar and JmolAppletSigned.jar, bringing 
the signed+unsigned set down to 2.5 MB.
(I am assuming that PP uses Jmol.js; if not, then keep the monolithic applet files abd 
discrad the JmolApplet0*.jar & JmolAppletSigned0*.jar sets)

Another possibility is that I'd bet the exported packs will always run properly with the 
unsigned applet, both locally and from a server. ProteoPedia needs the signed applet to 
fetch the files from PDB, but not so the exported pack. Right?

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