[Proteopedia] Script compiler error

Karl Oberholser oberhols at messiah.edu
Fri Jan 30 14:23:04 EST 2009

Eran and Jaim,
If jvxl could be made to be an acceptable file type for uploading, I think
that I will be able to display a surface in PP by drawing it using a jvxl
data file, and thereby avoid the long computation time.  At least I would
like to try doing it.

>>> "Angel Herraez" <angel.herraez at uah.es> 1/30/2009 10:05 AM >>>
I've managed to reach the source of the script files saved for 
scenes. Those contain the isosurface command, as expected.
So the solution would be to implement in the SAT a way to substitute 
the isosurface generation code for an isosurface loading code, plus 
to save the isosurface to a file on the server. 
Not trivial at all!

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