[Proteopedia] Surface computation & rendering (changed from Script compiler error)

Karl Oberholser oberhols at messiah.edu
Mon Feb 2 11:31:47 EST 2009

Thanks for stating this again.  I think that I am beginning to understand
more fully what is happening when saving a scene.  Running commands through
the console and then saving the scene is not as simple and straight forward
as I thought.

>>> "Angel Herraez" <angel.herraez at uah.es> 2/2/2009 10:38 AM >>>
Hi Karl 

I think what is happening is that the PP authoring environment saves 
Jmol states for the scenes / green links. These states do not contain 
the script history, but the current state of the model. So, even if 
you load the isosurface from file, the state will contain the full 
isosurface generation command. This is by design: Jmol state scripts 
are made to reproduce the current state of the model without any 
other data required.

The only solution I see is the possibility to edit (even manually) 
the script saved by the PP-SAT in the server: remove the isosurface 
calculation and substitute with the isosurface load-from-file.
This process could conceivable be automated incorporating it into the 
surface part of the SAT, but I see it quite difficult to implement 

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