[Proteopedia] Arbitrary scripts vs. state scripts

Eran Hodis eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il
Fri Feb 6 20:09:55 EST 2009

Nice work Angel! I tested it out and both the button and the link worked for me.

I would probably encourage use of the button rather than the green link since green links have a very specific behavior in Proteopedia, recalling states created using the Scene Authoring Tools, and having a green link that can do two different things -- either turn surface on or turn it off, depending on the current state of the Jmol applet -- might lead to some confusion (but I admit, probably not much). For the same reason I would discourage the use of green colored bold text, readers might think it is a scene link.

I noticed also you created several templates for licenses. Nice! 

This reminded me that on the "Upload file" menu (when you click "upload file" from the lefthand toolbar) there is a drop-down menu to select the license applicable to the file you want to upload. The current drop-down menu offers all of the licenses that Wikipedia's offers, but this is clearly too much for Proteopedia, as included in the list are things like "Board game cover" and "Postage stamps known to be in the public domain".  Should anyone want to edit the choices of licenses for uploaded files (I could imagine having a choice "PDB file I modified myself" for example), the list of licenses is generated from this page: http://www.proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/MediaWiki:Licenses


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Hi all

I have set up 3 templates that toggle the last generated isosurface. The (green) link version 
and the button version are working. See 

The checkbox version is ready but doesn't work due to a known bug with all checkboxes in 
the Jmol MediaWiki Extension (a fix is known and will be implemented in Proteopedia in 
due course).

I thought of allowing the templates to receive a parameter with the isosurface name, but I 
cannot manage to do that because the template parameter is not being parsed inside the 
extension markup. So, for now, it¡s only the latest generated or selected isosurface that can 
be toggled with these templates.

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