[Proteopedia] movie?

ramiro ramiro.barrantes at uvm.edu
Mon Aug 31 15:07:18 EDT 2009


I just gave a presentation using proteopedia and one thing that would be 
useful, and perhaps not that hard, is to allow the creation of 
proteopedia "slideshows".  Be able to create a "storyboard" with all the 
sequence of scenes that one would like to show.  Then when the screen 
appears it would be on "slideshow mode", and it would have controls for 
next, prev, play, pause and one could go through the whole sequence by 
pressing those buttons (or perhaps even with a remote).  Since we are 
already spending so much time creating our proteopedia scenes, then 
making a movie out of that perhaps wouldn't be that bad.  The 
transitions between scenes might be tricky I am sure, but I just wanted 
to "throw this out there" as an idea..


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