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Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Wed Oct 5 12:23:52 EDT 2011

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Dear Proteopedians,

In the "colors" dialog of the Molecular Scene Authoring Tools (SAT), 
in Proteopedia, you will now see a tooltip explaining each of the 
color schemes. The tooltip appears when your mouse moves over the 
button (without clicking it). The tooltips contain links for more 
information -- in order to click those links, you must move your 
mouse from the button to the tooltip without crossing any other 
buttons. To make this easier, the buttons have been reorganized into columns.

Several color scheme buttons have been removed, as they were deemed 
too complicated or too advanced, and were never used as far as we know.

The color scheme showing charges on proteins was simplified. When you 
click the button "charge, protein" (best if you have the protein 
spacefilled for this), you should now see only red (-) and blue (+) 
charged sidechains, with the remainder of the protein being white. 
(If you see magenta or gray colors, please let me know -- it means 
there is a technical problem.)

I am planning to implement some of the simpler items in the wishlist 
for the SAT

If you have anything to add to that wishlist, please do so.


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