[R-repo-dev] Update

Pierre-Yves pingou at pingoured.fr
Sun May 2 15:13:48 EDT 2010

Hi all,

The list has been rather quiet lately but things are moving on my side.

I am compiling the ~1244 SRPMs that I have for Fedora 13 (R-2.11.0),
i686 and x86_64. This is now running for 5 days already.
So far in i386 I have 839 failed build and 119 on x86_64 out of 1642
package built so far.

I am now using mock to build for all architecture and it can be used for
any system to. Therefore I will try to build for epel-5 afterward
(except if someone has the time/wish to do so).
I run mock via smock [1], which I have configured to build directly into
my local copy of the repo (so I don't use apache). Smock detects
automatically the order in which the packages should be built, generate
the RPMs using mock (chroot environment), copy the RPM to the local
repository (where you define it), build the next RPM using the RPMs
built before when necessary.
It does not build the RPMs which are already in the repo.

Therefore, we could generate the srpm of all R packages and start smock
on it. 
I will update R2spec to be able to define the argument given to
rpmbuild, which would allow us to use -bs instead of -ba and therefore
construct easily all the srpm of all R packages.

As soon as the builds are done, I will sync the files to the repo and
probably change its structure (and therefore the yum conf file).

That is it for the news, anything on your side ? Any questions ?


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