Author: Christoph Gille

STRAP Utilities


With this viewer, plain text and binary files can be displayed. Non-printable characters are skipped.

The following Webstart -button starts the text viewer: launch

Upon start a small green window appears which acts as a Drag'n drop target for the files to be displayed. The user needs to drag the file with the mouse and drop it there. The files will be displayed in read-only text panes.

There are several nifty features which are explained in the help document (Type F1). The following three features are the most important:
Installation: The software requires Java and runs on all platforms. To avoid Java-webstart, the text viewer can be installed on the computer. Install Strap. Then start Strap. Find the button "Plain text viewer" at the bottom of the start panel of Strap.

License: GNU_license. See Strap.