TeXMed - a BibTeX interface for PubMed

written by Arne Muller (arne.muller@gmail.com), 2002-2012

What it is:

TeXMed is just an interface to NCBI PubMed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, that allows you to query PubMed and to store references in BibTeX format.

How it works:

Type in your PubMed query in the text field in the upper frame as if you were directly on the PubMed web-server at NCBI.

Once you've submitted a query, you'll get a list of results, i.e. article references. Click on the small radio buttons for those articles you'd later like to export to BibTeX, then press the 'export' button to export them into bibtex format - your bibtex entries will appear in the lower frame. Alternatively (and for the impatient ...) you can directly export a single entry by clicking on the 'bibtex' link near the start of each found reference. You can directly access the journal abstracts by clicking on the provided link after the 'PMID' at the beginning of each entry, the references (the abstracts will appear in the lower frame).

TeXMed only supports the 'article' style. If there are problems with exporting some references, the failed references are listed, and you have to export them manually.

Short keys for citing in a text are just the PMID (PubMed Identifier). You'll cite like this \cite{pmid11765853} ... . I realize this is not a very intuitive way, but however, I don't remember short keys like "First_Author_Year" anyway ;-( . You can just use a 'find' in your editor to get to the right reference entry. Once you've got a TeXMed generate BibTeX database you can use TeXMed easily to add new articles.

I've created TeXMed to manage the references for my thesis and to help other people who need to cite biomedical articles, let me know if you've found something more sophisticated or more easy to use ... . Note, that a maximum of 250 references can be retrieved with one query, so you should have a fair idea what you've looking for.

Please let me know if you've problems using TeXMed.


Note, if you are an Emacs user you may want to download and try Emanuel Heitlinger's TeXMed mode http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/TeXMed.el.

    happy writing,