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Prash.jpg ”The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education” ~ Albert Einstein


About me

Namasté! I am a Scientist at Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur, India.


I'm a dry biologist curious to know how of a biology of a system. My interests are to study protein-protein interactions and top-down systems biology of hypothetical proteins, long noncoding RNAs in human, focusing on Mitochondrial proteins. Currently, I am interested in analyzing clinical exomes. I have had intermittently worked on identifying the candidate genes involved in synthetic framework in bacteria. Eventually, the plethora of NGS data obtained from sequencing several organisms would essentially have many synthetases, known unknown regions, lncRNA-protein interactions, pseudogenes etc. This has allowed us to use the word 'Synthetome'. Besides this iota of research, I mentor students online through MentorNet and Bioclues You may find my favorite articles that I compile through Citeulike from time to time.

Peer-reviewed Publications

All peer-reviewed Pubmed publications are available here

Career Story

Here's my career story

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