BioWish: a molecular biology command extension to Tcl/Tk

Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén

Written in Tcl/Tk

Unmaintained package ...

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Test: download all 3 files and run wish testrun
-test file -test sequence -test features
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scripts using biowish:
  • nextorf.tcl  extract ORF's from an (multiple) nucleotide FASTA file
    Usage: nextorf.tcl -help
  • pair_align.tcl   pairwise alignment via clustalw and calculates %identidy
    Usage: pair_align.tcl -help
  • multrans.tcl   translation of multiple nucleotide FASTA file
    Usage: multrans.tcl
  • embl_merge.tcl   merges all entries from an EMBL or genbank file
    Usage: embl_merge.tcl -help
  • multi_fasta_gc.tcl   calculates G+C content for all nulceotide sequences in a FASTA file
    Usage: multi_fasta_gc.tcl