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Adding Files

Please follow these steps when adding new files to BioCocoa. This will make sure that whatever you add will be visible and usable in the Xcode project of the other developers, and minimize the Xcode-repository issues that have been reported.

  • Add the files in the right location in Xcode, so they match the structure on your HD.
  • Add the new files to BCFoundation.h or BCAppKit.h under their appropriate header, reflecting the project's file structure.
  • Click on the BioCocoa target and make sure all headerfiles are labeled 'public' (except for BioCocoa_Prefix.h).
  • Header files in BCFoundation only need to add the line #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>; and not #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>; Header files in BCAppKit need #import <AppKit/AppKit.h>; and maybe #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>;
  • In public headers, check that you do not use relative paths in your #import statements. Example: use #import "BCSequence.h" and not #import "../BCSequence/BCSequence.h" if called from a file in another folder. The compiler will find the header even without the correct path.
  • Change "_MyCompanyName_" to "The BioCocoa Project".
  • Add the Creative Commonce license text. See other project files for the correct text.
  • Make sure the target compiles without errors and warnings.
  • Add and commit the files to the repository, and don't forget to commit the changes to BCFoundation.h and BioCocoa.xcodeproj. It is highly recommended not to use Xcode to interact with the repository. Rather use the command line, or a dedicated application, such as svnX.

That should be it!

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Page last modified on August 08, 2006, at 08:16 AM