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BioSwarm joins BioCocoa

BioCocoa is expanding to including additional frameworks and applications. BioSwarm is an OpenStep framework for computational biological modeling and simulation. It provides a suite of capabilities including gene network inference, flux-balance analysis for genome-scale metabolic models, classes for advanced spatial biological modeling, and GPU tools for running massively parallel simulations.

BioCocoa included in Debian

Debian is the premier free-software operating system. BioCocoa has been packaged by the Debian Med team to be easily installable on any Debian system. Information and availability in Debian is available for the runtime package and the development package.

New Ultraconserved application

Ultraconserved? is a set of command-line tools for finding ultraconserved sequences between genomes of two or more organisms. The application is describe in a research paper. The main algorithms are implemented and included in BioCocoa making them available to other applications.

BioCocoa 2.2.2 is now available!

The release is available from the Download page.

BioCocoa at WWDC 2006

BioCocoa was present at the Worldwide Developers Convention in San Francisco. There was a poster, a podcast, and a demonstration.

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