CMView is an intervative contact map visualization and analysis tool. The current version is 1.1.

Main features:

  • Combined contact map and 3D structure view (using PyMol)

  • Various im- and export options: PDB files, Online PDB, Image export, CASP prediction format and others

  • Calculation of contact maps with user-defined contact definitions

  • Integration with PyMol for feature-rich 3D molecular visualization

  • Structure and contact map comparison using built-in sequence or structural alignments

  • Distance map, difference map, contact density analysis

  • Available for Unix, Windows, MacOS and other platforms supporting Java

Example uses:

  • Assessing similarites and differences between structure- or contact predictions

  • Studying interaction patterns between secondary structure elements

  • Visualization of conformational changes in 3D and contact map space

Contacting us:

  • Email the developers mailing list or simply sing up to the list here