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This is the codebase for the Genopolis Gene Expression database (

This databases system is oriented Affymetrix data ad to a community of users. it provides:

  • Handling of Affymetrix data
  • Visual interfaces for information browsing (including gene annotations, gene families)
  • Pipeline for experiment annotation
    • different roles
    • construction of controlled vocabularies
    • checking of data consistency
    • sharing of gene lists
  • Infrastructure to export its content to ArrayExpress
  • Role/group based access of useres to data.

More information on the project is available on:

The project is object based and: it hard-codes the descriptions of experiments (notably for the domain of analysis of transcriptional response in dendritic celles), but it's reasonably possible to apply it on other domains. The codebase for the Genopolis Gene Expression database is ported here and released under LGPL license. It has not been "adapted" for a generic environment and we apologize if the standard of comments and formatting is low. If interest arises beyond current developers, we will improve it.

The codebase is available in the svn repository ( Its checking and porting to php5 and a general deployment scenario is very low priority (unless interest arises). Interested users should contact one of the authors (