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Human MHC genes, or HLA genes, have major clinical relevance for transplantation and other blood and immune system related illnesses. Because of the high level of polymorphism found in these genes in the human population, thousands of variants have been identified. A systematic and official standard for the organization of HLA sequences has been provide by the HLA Nomenclature Comittee. The official curated source of HLA sequences is the IMGT/HLA Database. The HLA Dictionary, as well as the HLA Informatics Group website include other important resources.

The HLA Ontology is an attempt to apply the logical principles on ontologies to help combine the aforementioned resources into a universal structured source of HLA information. HLA research, as well as clinical processes, requires complicated software systems to process HLA data. This ontology is a resource for such software developers who need a formalized structure for their databases and systems which is maintained and up-to-date with the latest IMGT/HLA database releases.


These files do not include serological nomenclature, and instead only use "Two Digit" HLA resolution:

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