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MeltSim for Windows

MeltSim 1.0 for Windows

An example of the graphical user interface of MELTSIM 1.0 for Windows. The application has a built-in graphing utility that lets you print exactly what you see (WYSIWYG).

Operational Features

  • The input (sequence) file requires no special format. Bases can be in uppercase and/or lowercase, and no line breaks are required. However, only the letters A, C, G, and T are counted as bases.
  • With the helper application called COMPILE, specific sequence locations in GenBank-formatted files can be converted and read by MeltSim 1.0 for Windows.
  • A title will be automatically added to the top of the graph if the first line of the input file contains text beginning with the pound sign (#).
  • Bases are normally read in blocks of 100,000 bp and the d(theta)/dT (the first derivative of the portion unmelted, with temperature) vs. T values are averaged as more bases are read. The melting map file gives data for the very last block melted.
  • MeltSim 1.0 for Windows can be directed to melt in blocks marked with an asterisk (*) in the input file. It can also read any part of a sequence by giving the start and stop locations.
  • Multiple input files can be melted sequentially by using the asterisk wildcard (*) in the file name. With the automatic print function, MeltSim 1.0 for Windows can be left to work on any number of files, printing graphs as it goes.
  • An output file is produced of melting curve coordinates (d[theta]/dT as a function of T).
  • Another output file is produced of melting map coordinates (T and theta as functions of base position, averaged over a domain of adjustable size).
  • A log file is produced that gives important information and operation times.
  • Previous melts can be read back into MeltSim 1.0 for Windows, as well as any XY coordinate file one may wish to use for comparison or reference.
  • Tm values can be calculated on any curve using an integration function. The value of Tm is displayed at the Tm on the graph along with a line.
  • Curves and the melting map can be displayed scaled in various ways, and the window shows how the graph will look when printed.

System Requirements

System Type:Personal Computer with Intel-compatible microprocessor
Operating System:Microsoft's 32-bit Windows95, 98, or NT
Memory:32MB of RAM
Disk Space:1MB

License for Use and Distribution

MeltSim for Windows is copyrighted (c) 1980-1999 by the authors.

MeltSim for Windows is licensed for use, modification, and distribution under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2, June 1991.

How to Download

MELTSIM 1.0-beta for Windows is available for download at the following location:

IMPORTANT: This version does NOT contain the parameters published by Blake et al in 1998 and 1999. It uses older parameters.

Also note that there have been problems with internationalization, e.g. using "," as the decimal point on German versions of Windows.

Direct questions or comments to: the mailing list.