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Welcome to Pancreatic Cancer Gene Database

The pancreatic cancer gene database (PC-GDB), provides information on the genes that are involved in pancreatic cancer and this data is targeted to help the biological and medical sciences community for easier access of the latest information on genes causing pancreatic cancer. The data in PC-GDB is extracted from the published biomedical research literature and stored as a collection of ‘facts� These facts of the gene are in turn categorized into 30 different topics. This grouping facilitates quick searches and rapid retrieval of data. The data in PC-GDB is reviewed by the editor and the curator before being made public. The PC-GDB can be viewed based on chromosome number or alphabetical order of gene, the key word search system will be added soon, hyperlinks have been provided for the genes and the facts for easier access. Depending on the availability each gene in PC-GDB is linked to databases like OMIM, GeneCards and CGAP.

This database contains information about 96 genes which are targets for cancer-causing mutations in pancreatic cancers. Click here to get information about all of the genes in the database associated with pancreatic cancer. To see the facts/categories click here. In either case, clicking on a gene in that list takes you to the full description of that gene. You can search for specific facts about any of the pancreatic cancer gene by clicking the respective gene.


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