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The Markup Master Index Page

Link markups

[[page name]]
[[page (name)]]
[[PageName | link text]]
[[link text -> PageName]]
[[#anchor | link text]]
[[PageName#anchor | link text]]
[[ | link text]]
[[link text ->]]

[[Attach:file with spaces.doc]]


[[~Author Name]]

Images"alt text"
Attach:image.gif"My image"
%lfloat% Attach:image.gif
%rfloat% Attach:image.gif
%center% Attach:image.gif
%rframe% Attach:image.gif | Caption
%lframe% Attach:image.gif | Caption
%width=200px% Attach:image.gif
%thumb% Attach:image.gif

Images and links

[[PageName | Attach:image.gif"alt text"]]
[[ | Attach:image.gif"alt text"]]
%rframe thumb% [[Attach:image.gif | Attach:image.gif"alt text"]] | Caption


Page directives

(:redirect PageName:)


(:noheader:), (:nofooter:)
(:noleft:), (:noright:)
(:nogroupheader:), (:nogroupfooter:)

(:title text:)
(:keywords word, ...:)
(:description text:)
(:comment text:)

Include other pages

(:include PageName:)
(:include PageName #start#end lines=n paras=n:)
(:include Page1 Page2 Page3:)

Conditional markup

(:if (!)cond param:)...(:ifend:)

Page lists?

(:searchbox group=Group size=size:)
(:searchresults incl -excl group=abc fmt=def list=ghi order=jkl:)
(:pagelist incl -excl group=abc fmt=def list=ghi order=jkl:)

Other directives

(:markup:) [=...=]



(:input form method=get action=url:)
(:input text name=first value="Bob" size=20:)
(:input submit name=post value="Go" accesskey=g:)
(:input hidden name=action value=edit:)
(:input end:)

Edit Forms?

(:input e_form:)
(:input e_textarea rows=24 cols=60:)
(:input e_author value={$Author} size=40:)
(:input e_changesummary value="Summary" size=60:)
(:input e_savebutton value=$[Save]:)
(:input e_saveeditbutton value=$[Save and edit]:)
(:input e_previewbutton value=$[Preview]:)
(:input e_resetbutton value=$[Reset]:)

Block markups

-> indented text
-< hanging indent
* unordered list
** deeper list
# ordered list
# %item value=#% arbitrary start number
# %roman% roman numeral list
<space> preformatted text
[@...@] preformatted block=]
---- (horizontal rule)
blank line is vertical space
\ at end of line joins next line
\\'s at end of line produce breaks
[[<<]] Wordwraps floating text

Inline markups

''emphasized'' (italic)
'''strong''' (bold)
'''''strong emphasis'''''
[-small-], [--smaller--]
[+big+], [++bigger++]
'-small-', '+big+'
'^superscript^', '_subscript_'
{+inserted+} (underscore)
{-deleted-} (strikethrough)
[@escaped code@]
[=escaped text=]

Simple Tables

||table attributes
||!table caption!||
||left aligned || centered || right aligned||
||!column heading||
||spanned columns ||||||

Tables and divs

(:table attr:)
(:cellnr attr:)
(:cell attr:)

(:div attr:)
(:divend:), >><<



Posting markups

~~~ (author's signature)
~~~~ (authors signature and date)

Markup variables

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