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This wiki is used for relatively static content at and other topics related to bioinformatics. At this time, you will not need an account on this site in order to edit anything.



Why not simply link to Wikipedia?

First, has a vast collection of information resources that our members created, and we are responsible for maintaining and expanding upon those resources:

Second, we have an opportunity to focus on topics that would be very esoteric for a general encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia, where our audience (life scientists) and context (bioinformatics) could never be assumed. On Wikipedia, even the most fundamental topics in bioinformatics require a disambiguation article (see for example). And the focus of Wikipedia is much more on popular culture than any academic encyclopedia would be (see as an example).

Last but not least, has information that is specific to the site itself, and its members, and that information oftentimes contains bioinformatics terminology that can be nicely linked to articles created for the aforementioned reasons.


We invite members of, as well as non-members, to add articles on any of the following:


Please refer to Wikipedia's guidelines on creating new articles and naming conventions, with the following exceptions:

Autobiographical articles
One notable exception to Wikipedia's policy is that we accept and encourage autobiographical articles from people in the field of bioinformatics.
Beginning an article name with the word "bioinformatics"
When choosing a name for an article, do not automatically begin with "bioinformatics". You should assume that the context of the article is obvious. For example, the article on CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is assumed to refer to the use of CVS at and not in the field of bioinformatics in general.
If, however, an article name is already being used to describe an aspect of, you may choose a name that begins with "bioinformatics".
Therefore, an article name should never begin with "".
Ending an article name with a "disambiguator"
If two articles must have the same name, please use parentheses to make the distinction, e.g. the books Bioinformatics (Mount) and Bioinformatics (Thornton).

History & current activity

This wiki began in 2006 with the importation of Damian Counsell's Bioinformatics FAQ, which has been hosted here at for many years. Also in 2006, additional content was added from the bioinformatics book list and some other static pages at In 2007, static content from/for the educational system was imported. Between 2007 and 2008, information on bioinformatics software was imported from Thomas Sicheritz Ponten's Molecular Linux list as well as the database of projects hosted at

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