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J.W. Bizzaro
Partner, Scilico, LLC
Managing partner, Bioinformatics.org
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Phone: +1-978-621-8258


Master of Science in Chemistry (Biochemistry Concentration), Boston College (2000)

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, magna cum laude, University of Massachusetts Lowell (1996)

Selected honors

Outstanding Student Award, American Institute of Chemists Foundation (1996)

Allen Scattergood Scholar (1995-1996)

Selected publications

Russell, K., Cheng, C., Bizzaro, J.W., Ponts, N., Emes, R.D., Le Roch, K., Marx, K.A. and Horrocks, P. 2014. Homopolymer tract organization in the human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum and related Apicomplexan parasites. BMC Genomics 15:848. [Abstract] [Full text]

Gichora, N.N., Fatumo, S.A., Ngara, M.V., Chelbat, N., Ramdaya, K., Opap, K.B., Siwo, G.H., Adebiyi, M.O., El Gonnouni, A., Zofou, D., Maurady, A.A.M., Adebiyi, E.F., de Villiers, E.P., Masiga, D.K., Bizzaro, J.W., Suravajhala, P., Ommeh, S.C. and Hide, W. 2010. Ten Simple Rules for Organizing a Virtual Conference—Anywhere. PLoS Comput Biol 6(2):e1000650. [Full text (editorial)]

Zhou, Y., Bizzaro, J.W. and Marx, K.A. 2004. Homopolymer tract length dependent enrichments in functional regions of 27 eukaryotes and their novel dependence on the organism DNA (G+C)% composition. BMC Genomics 5(1):95. [Abstract] [Full text] [PubMed ID: 15598342]

Bizzaro, J.W. and Marx, K.A. 2003. Poly: a quantitative analysis tool for simple sequence repeat (SSR) tracts in DNA. BMC Bioinformatics 4(1):22. [Abstract] [Full text] [PubMed ID: 12791171]

Marx, K.A., Bizzaro, J.W., Blake, R.D., Hsien Tsai, M. and Feng Tao, L. 2000. Experimental DNA Melting Behavior of the Three Major Schistosoma Species. Mol Biochem Parasitol 107(2):303-307. [PubMed ID: 10779607]

Blake, R.D., Bizzaro, J.W., Blake, J.D., Day, G.R., Delcourt, S.G., Knowles, J., Marx, K.A. and SantaLucia, J., Jr. 1999. Statistical Mechanical Simulation of Polymeric DNA Melting with MELTSIM. Bioinformatics 15(5):370-375. [Abstract] [Full text] [PubMed ID: 10366657]

Marx, K.A., Assil, I.Q., Bizzaro, J.W. and Blake, R.D. 1998. Comparison of Experimental to MELTSIM Calculated DNA Melting of the (A+T) Rich Dictyostelium discoideum Genome: Denaturation Maps Distinguish Exons From Introns. J Biomol Struct Dyn 16(2):329-339. [PubMed ID: 9833671]

Bizzaro, J.W., Marx, K.A. and Blake, R.D. 1997. Comparison of Experimental with Theoretical Melting of the Yeast Genome and Individual Yeast Chromosome Denaturation Mapping Using the Program MELTSIM. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 489:73-77.

Marx, K.A., Bizzaro, J.W., Assil, I.Q. and Blake, R.D. 1996. Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Melting Behavior of DNA. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 463:147-152.

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